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About DXN International Malaysia

Daxen International was founded in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin in Malaysia as a local direct sales company producing Ganoderma Lucidum and Ganoderma Mycelium with modern advanced technology.

Daxen has built an in-house production line to process Ganoderma products combining advanced technology with Dr. Lim’s medical theory of Ganoderma. DXN Pharmaceutical Sdn. Bhd is an integrated factory of 28, 000 square feet. This facility allows the quality maintenance and assurance under Daxen’s strict supervision of the entire production procedure from cultivation, processing and packaging to market. DXN Pharmaceutical also ensures high production capacity to meet Daxen’s ever-growing demand for products as its membership growth accelerates worldwide.

Daxen’s successful expansion globally is recognized internationally by its vast growth of members worldwide and our amplification of footprint in key strategic locations. To provide better services and to support Daxen members in North America to develop local markets, Daxen USA launched in March 2002 and Daxen Canada in January 2003. In order to provide complete service coverage to North America, Daxen Mexico is in its final completion stage, projected to be ready in 2005. Also, Daxen Inc. proudly presents another milestone achievement to our members. Effective from September 30, 2003: Daxen Inc. is now DXN Holdings Bhd., a KLSE-listed company in Malaysia!

About DXN LogoDXN Logo

RED represents fire to symbolize the company´s fighting spirit to progress.

The Red Oval symbolizes the rising sun to represent aggressiveness, single-mindedness and persistence in achieving DXN´s vision.

GREEN represents trees to symbolize the dynamic growth and expansion of our market.

The Green Branches symbolizes Ganoderma to represent the company´s strong commitments for growth and relentless striving to achieve excellence by focusing on health-based industry.

BLUE represents water to symbolize the company as the foundation for all the vigorous developments.

The Blue Horizontal Line symbolizes the company as the power source for the impetus of business development.

More Info www.justincoffee.mydxn.net

Dr. Lim Siow Jin

Year 1997
Received PhD in Holistic Medicine
Awarded by the Indian Board of Alternative medicine

Year 2001
Received BHK Award from Sultan Kedah
Selected as the top ten outstanding Chinese youth of the Year by the Youth Association.

Year 2002
Awarded Doctorate of Science (Alternative medicine) by the Indian Board of Alternative medicine

The International Association of Educators for World Peace, in recognition of Dr. Lim’s commitment to promote world peace and goodwill through holistic health and dedication to advance a healthy, strong and socially developed society, awarded the Millennium Award to him.

Awarded the Albert Achweitzer Award by the Positive Life Foundation, for his exemplary humanism, untiring peace promotion efforts, and for his compassion in the spirit of the late Albert Achweitzer, the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Received the DSM Award from Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka.

Awarded the Physician of the New Millenium Award by the Alternative medicine Research Institute (Canada), for Dr. Lim’s significant contribution to the health and well-being of humanity.

The Open International University of Alternative Medicines presented Dr. Lim a certificate of appointment as Senior Visiting Professor (Natural Healing & Ganotherapy.)

The World Health, Environment, Peace Foundation presented a certificate of fellowship at the foundation.

Chairman Statement

Good morning to all members of the Daxen family!Daxen has met numerous grand challenges in the past years and has also succeeded in expanding its footprint globally, with the immense support from Daxen distributors everywhere. Daxen’s worldwide members strived to be competitive, achieve market development and advance the knowledge of Ganoderma products. All of your hard work is recognized in the success and growing strength of our “One Dragon” company.

With our “One World One Market” philosophy, and the Daxen family’s dedication and commitments, we shall fortify our current achievements maintain our competitive edge, and strategically build new markets.

Thank you for being a part of Daxen!


Dr. Lim Siow Jin
DXN Groups Executive Chairman

DXN Concept


The entire process – cultivation, processing and marketing is solely done by the Company under strict quality control.


Each and every distributor enjoys worldwide bonus with single membership.


The company and the distributors single-mindedly concentrate on doing DXN business.

DXN Philosophy

Low Price, High Quality;

Low Profile, High Income.

Our philosophy – to provide low price and high quality products, to keep a low profile while generating high income is ideal for direct selling. This system is equitably accessible to anyone of any background. Our free enterprise system enables anyone to enjoy personal achievements that lead to greater financial independence. More importantly, numerous people have testified to the benefits of our products when they gained better health through consumption of our products. Our philosophy is the foundation on which our success in the network marketing industry is built.